DONATE to “The Dig Kids – an Urban Farming Program”

Keep our program alive and well!  We are striving to secure funding for 2014 with a budget that is approximately $4,500.00.  Click on the image above and designate your gift to ‘The Dig Kids 2014″. Every and any amount large or small is deeply appreciated.

Education is key for making Kingston food secure.

Thank you!

“How is my donation used?”

$2,000.00 provides FIVE salaries for youth between the ages of 14-21 ($400 each) for an entire season of educational farming activities under the guidance of a farmer and educator.

$1,000.00 provides an entire season’s salary for a first generation organic farmer to lead our program.

$750.00 provides an entire season’s salary for an youth and farm educator to assist our farmer.

$750.00 provides supplies and insurance for an entire season to maintain two important gardens: one at the Everette Hodge Center (a community center for our inner-city youth) and the second at the Van Buren Street Playground, a city of Kingston park in the heart of Kingston.


Thanks to our 2013 donors! We couldn’t do it without you.

Golden Donor ($500 or more)
Kevin McEvoy and Barbara Epstein

Donors ($25 or more)
Larry, Rebecca and Charlie Grenadier
Gerald Berke

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